is a private, class C address used by some modem and router manufacturers as a default gateway for their devices. It is not the most common one, but there are still some Sweex, Linksys, Motorola, and D-Link devices using it.

The Purpose of a Default Gateway

Every device accessing the internet or some local network must have a unique IP address. Modems and routers have an IP address assigned by their manufacturers. These addresses are known as a default gateways or default IP addresses. They are usually class A or class C private addresses (10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x addresses). There are two important functions of these addresses. First of all, every router needs an IP address in order to access the internet and to communicate with other devices on the network. Second and equally important, this address is used for accessing router’s or modem’s configuration page and you need this page if you want to adjust your internet connection, improve security, block some webpage, block some device from accessing your network, assign a static IP to some of your devices, define the pool of IP addresses (since your home router is, at the same time, your DHCP server), etc. The default gateway is necessary for all these things and it is highly advisable to remember it (along with router’s username and password).

How to Use

Whatever the gateway is, the way to use it is always the same. You must have some browser installed (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other). By typing in this address in the address bar and by pressing Enter, you will get to the login page. Now, you just have to enter the username and password, press Enter again, and you will access the setup page. Here you will have a few main tabs (Status, Wireless, Firewall, System, etc.) and by clicking on any of these tabs you will open some additional submenus. The first two things you should do are changing your network and router passwords in order to prevent other people from using your router. Making these changes is pretty simple and you can learn how to do that on the internet. If you want to make some advanced adjustments, you should have a better understanding of IP addressing process.

Devices Using as a Default Gateway

The number of devices using this address as a default gateway is not large. The most popular manufacturers using are D-Link (VWR-VR) and Linksys (WRT54GP2, WRP400, RT31P2), but there are also some Sweex (LW150, LW908) and Motorola routers (CPEi25725) using the same address.


Accessing router’s setup page is not always fast and easy. There are a few problems you may encounter when trying to access this page.

Problem 1 – Accessing login page is taking too long or you can’t access the login page at all

Solution 1 – Your router’s default IP address is probably not the one you’ve typed in. You can try to find your router’s default IP address online (or in the user manual). Or, you can check the default gateway address directly from your PC by using ‘’ipconfig’’ command in Command Prompt (Windows users).

Solution 2 – Your device might have the same IP address as your router. In that case, you are experiencing something called an IP conflict. If two devices on the same network have the same IP address they won’t be able to communicate with each other and if one of these devices is a router, then all the devices within a network won’t be able to communicate with each other or to connect to the internet. In order to solve this problem, you have to assign a different IP address to your device.  

Problem 2 – You can access the login page but you can’t access the setup page

You have probably typed in the wrong username or password. First of all, you should type in your router password, not your network password. If you haven’t changed your default password and username, you can find the defaults in the user manual, you can contact online support, look at the back of your router (there is probably some kind of label), or you can try with some common passwords and usernames (admin, blank fields, etc.).

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