We’ve talked previously about default gateway. is the next in line and it can be the first IP address assigned to some device that gets connected to router, or it can also be the default IP address of some routers. is way more popular than but there are still some modems and routers using this exact address. The most popular manufacturer that assigns this IP address to its devices is Belkin but even Belkin assigned it only to a few of its routers. Other manufacturers that assign this address to their devices are Luxul and Proxim.

How to Access Your Router’s Administrative Page if is Your Default Gateway

The procedure is the same no matter what the default gateway address is. Just type in this address in your browser, then enter the correct username and password and you will access the administrative (or configuration) page. Once you are there, you can start adjusting your router and network settings. You can define your DHCP pool, set the scope of available IP addresses, manage your wireless connection (set SSID and wireless passphrase), choose different security settings, block URLs or MAC addresses (if you want to block some website or prevent some devices from using your connection), change firewall rules, etc. as a Client’s IP Address

It’s much more likely to have this address assigned to some of your devices than to have it as your default gateway. Most of the home routers are at the same time DHCP servers and they are set (by default) to assign IP addresses dynamically to devices using the same network. So, in case you are using some router and the scope of available IP address spans from to, the first device that gets connected to a network gets this address assigned to it. When it disconnects this address becomes available again and the next device that gets connected gets it. can be assigned as a static address to some device (if you want or need to) but you will have to make some adjustments in DHCP pool. You will have to enter the configuration page and set the first available address to That way, DHCP server will skip the and it will assign the next one to the first device that gets connected.

Resolving IP Conflicts

If you have some device (printer, for example) that uses as a default IP address and you don’t make a reservation in DHCP settings, DHCP server will assign this address to the first device that gets connected to the network and there will be two devices using the same IP address. This phenomenon is known as an IP conflict and it could cause a bunch of problems. Your printer and your computer (or any other device) won’t be able to work properly. In order to avoid this issue, you will have to make a reservation of this address in DHCP settings or to assign a different IP address to your printer (preferably an IP address from the end of the scope of available addresses).

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